Whilst remaking things here, I'm noticing that I have more diagrams than text for instructional content. This is maybe because I'm more critical of my writing than I am of my graphic design.

I want to publish a method here that is well organized and clearly written, but my own learning has gone in many different directions. I've yet to decide which directions I should write about.

I feel discouraged sometimes that I haven't done more with this website.

I'm currently uploading as many documents as possible. Though I haven't organized them more, and written more lesson plans, you may find some of the content helpful for learning and teaching.

I'm adding more text descriptions to the uploaded files, and I'll soon be making lessons, exhibits, and connecting related materials with links.


For browsing, there's a nifty tag cloud at: https://djellis.net/items/tags, though I need to practice my tag consistency.


There's also a search items page at: https://djellis.net/items/search


Recently, when I uploaded some diagrams with multiple versions, I thought to myself, “Am I over-compensating for not having more lesson plans here by uploading as many variations of diagrams that I can?”



However, the variations allow for more uses in instruction, and the opaque versions are easier to write on as worksheets.

Some of the variations aren't only for different viewing and editing reasons, but for scaffolding instruction from simple to more complex tasks. For example, the scale spelling charts include four variations, so people can progress from having examples provided, then to having only the blank chart when their understanding of the scale and key signatures are stronger.



For now, please browse the collections and items, and visit again soon.

Most of the items include individual .jpg source files, and a .pdf packet containing them all.

Thank you for visiting,
D.J. Ellis