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The intervals that combine to make major, minor, and diminished triads are diagrammed here.

m3-minor third
M3-Major third
P4- Perfect fourth
b5-diminished fifth
P5- Perfect fifth
m6-minor sixth
M6-Major sixth

Triads are spelled every…

A template of sixteen chord diagrams.
An opaque version is included for different viewing and editing scenarios.
The .pdf file is a packet of both the .jpg source image files.

Blank fretboard diagrams (14frets in length).
Variations are included with different opacities and fret numberings.
The variations are for different instructional, viewing, and editing scenarios.
The .pdf file is a packet of all seven of the .jpg…

A diagram of 12 frets of notes on the guitar in standard tuning.
Seven variations are included with different parts of the diagram being opaque, faded, and/or blank.
The variations are for scaffolded lesson presentations, and/or specific viewing…

Fretboard diagrams (14frets in length) of all Major scales and their relative modes.
The .pdf packet includes all of the .jpg source files.
.mp4 video files provide a slideshow of the scale diagrams moving around the cycle of 4ths/circle of…
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